Account Security

Use the PIN code

DeloitteNet provides access to personal and private information. The use of a PIN code will protect this information when you occasionally need to disclose your Outlook password (for example, during laptop upgrades). Using a PIN code is required. You may modify your PIN in the My Preferences area.

Lock your computer when leaving it unattended

DeloitteNet has enabled quick desktop access to a vast array of information—including your personal information. So when leaving your computer, lock it by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Delete and clicking Lock Computer or by using a password-protected screensaver.

Change your password when asked to do so

On a regular basis, you will be prompted to update your Outlook password. Changing your password provides an additional level of security. If you would like to change your password before being prompted, you can do so using Outlook or Outlook Web Access (OWA).

If locked out of DeloitteNet…

If your account is locked, wait 30 minutes and try again, or call the Call Center at x2222 or 1-800-DELOITTE (1-800-335-6488).